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LOCAL® Systems

Reap the benefits offered by a finely tuned system consisting of geodata, market data, functions and features to successfully plan and achieve your corporate goals. We offer just the right model to fulfil your requirements.

LOCAL® Marktanalyst

The modular system for customised geomarketing

LOCAL® Marktanalyst is an innovative, high-performance software solution on the market for geoinformation systems. It is the result of over 30 years of innovation and product development work. Data are turned into knowledge, which gives you decisive competitive advantages over the long term.

Geocoding, market data, geodata and analyses are linked systematically with maps. Whether as a single workplace license, as an all-in-one solution integrated throughout the company, as a web version or as a mobile application – all options are open to you here.

Central control of marketing & sales

LOCAL® Marktanalyst enables you to tailor locations, products, ranges, prices, advertising and sales to the real situation on the market. This way your business can fully exploit realistic potential and is set up to achieve optimum efficiency.

The modular system for customised geomarketing

Making simple things appealing

The geomarketing system links geodata with market data. Dependencies and dispersions are analysed and depicted in digital maps in a clearly understandable manner. The company’s own data can be integrated and included in the analyses. Complex circumstances and purposeful action approaches are visualised by the geomarketing system at the press of a button. LOCAL® Marktanalyst is based on a geoinformation system (GIS from the global market leader Esri) which offers all the fundamental geographic functions and data.

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LOCAL® Marktanalyst Desktop

This all-in-one solution helps you to answer complex questions concerning expansion planning, optimisation of locations or controlling sales territories – all in your own office. Even the single workplace license for the desktop version offers full access to the software package with all data and functions.

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LOCAL® Marktanalyst Online

Networked par excellence

LOCAL® Marktanalyst Online provides the most flexible form of geo¬marketing. It is therefore ideal for businesses that only occasionally want to examine specific issues, such as customer distribution, demarcation of sales territories or the potential offered by a particular market or location.

If a strategic course needs to be set, the flexible «Online-Analyst« delivers uncomplicated assistance for decision-making in double-quick time.

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LOCAL® Marktanalyst Mobile

More success on the road

Every field worker, whether in sales, service or logistics, can be individually coached and regulated via smartphone, tablet or laptop with the LOCAL® Marktanalyst Mobile package. Stipulate central route plans, add information on the surroundings or transmit up-to-date analysis results in real time.

LOCAL® Marktanalyst as a Service (MaaS)

Customised analyses

LOCAL® MaaS services add selected functions to the LOCAL® Marktanalyst geomarketing system. Each of the modules can be selected as required and be deployed individually or in combination with the others.

More functions, more options:

MaaS Mapping

  • delivers background maps for data, analyses and geocoding results

MaaS Data Streaming

  • polls market information from different data levels

MaaS Routing

  • calculates routing zones around a location
  • determines the best route between any number of destinations

Please ask us about further applications and combination options.

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