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The comprehensive database to help marketers better understand their customers.

Market Data

“From Big Data to Big Knowledge”: the constantly enlarging amounts of data will define the future of every business. Processing, analyzing and gaining the relevant insights become essential. We are the first company in Germany to have begun gathering and utilizing micro-geographical market information (market data).


One of the most comprehensive, up-to-date data systems

Our database, LOCAL® Haus, is one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date data systems.

We depict markets realistically and specific to your location; that way you can reach the right target group at the right time, with the right message, at the right location and through the right channel.


Alongside addresses and infrastructural information, our database includes social-demographic, economic and as well as consumption-relevant market data.

More than 100 features with over 500 characteristics are available on building level. For Germany, this amounts to more than 22 million addresses.

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LOCAL® Konsum

Turning consumers into buyers

LOCAL® Konsum complements your marketing knowledge with additional, important features relevant to consumption. Get to know your customers’ habits, preferences and wishes. Respond strategically with the appropriate offer. This enhances customer loyalty and accelerates acquisition. Reduce your time-to-market.

We cooperate with the biggest German multi-channel retailer and offer over 70 descriptive buyer characteristics on a micro cell level. Affinity for the respective sales channels like e-commerce, catalog or PoS and for product line preferences like fashion, shoes or lifestyle, furniture or living accessories, toys, technology, sports, leisure products and many more can help you generate new customers.

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Norbert Stankus
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LOCAL® Business

POIs from the top retail chains

LOCAL® Business delivers all of the relevant information for your successful location and branch planning or for the environmental or market analyses that you require for greater market transparency.

With LOCAL® Topshops, we deliver exclusive information about company names, POIs (points of interest), as well as locations and the names of more than 500 top retail chains nationwide (more than 700 top retail chains throughout Europe). All important industries are included: retail (fashion, electronics, travel, home improvement, etc.), banking, telecommunication, gas stations and many more. Coordinates based on Open Street Map (OSM) are included and make this dataset ready-to-use. Locate competitors and identify the right spot for planned sites.

Access to 5 million company addresses

In addition to LOCAL® Topshops, we enable you to access the data of over 5 million company locations. Beyond standard features like name, industry, size and address, you have access to building floor space, frequency of passers-by, concentration of public transportation and much more.


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