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Using data with a system – this is the best place to start from

We make geographical marketing complete – with our LOCAL® Marktanalyst.

  • This GIS software combines our high-quality data and multiple analyses into a unique system.
  • Employ a combination of detailed geographic, market and your own corporate data to resolve even the most complex issues concerning expansion planning, location and area planning, and sales area controlling.

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marktanalyst is a geoinformationsystem

Visibly better: geomarketing with LOCAL® Marktanalyst

There’s quite a bit to see and learn here: the answers to all your most pressing questions – clearly displayed on digital maps.

  • Discover the depth of your knowledge through in-depth reporting.
  • Access on demand via a cloud-based software solution.

  • Multi-functional desktop version.

Geomarketing has never been more complete!

And this is how it works: by enriching it with geographic information (geocoding), most of your corporate data can be displayed spatially and interconnected among each other. Furthermore, once combined with market data and other individual business data, you can employ your corporate data to address and answer a lot of your most pressing questions, such as:

  • ”Where are our existing, and where our future customers?

  • ”What are the correlations between distinct lucrative business areas?

  • ”Which are the most promising regions for further expansion of our business?”

  • Our LOCAL® Marktanalyst is perfectly tailored to suit your requirements. As a one-stop solution, this geomarketing system enables you quickly and significantly to improve your area and location planning, it allows for individual reporting structures and contents, and it comes with an affordable price tag. With just a few clicks you can identify customer potentials and revenue opportunities across sales regions, and plan your marketing strategies efficiently.

Can you see the benefits?

Analyse your business, or have it analysed – it’s up to you to decide.

Take your time and browse through the online version of the software to see if the web-based or desktop version of the LOCAL® Marktanalyst is more suitable for you. Access is free from registration and non-binding.

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