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data catalogue markets and target groups

Data Catalogue

Accurate market and geographic data provides the basis for smart business and marketing analyses. With this knowledge strategic chances and risks can be assessed much more realistically. For a spot-on and comprehensive analysis of markets and target groups.

LOCAL® Marktanalyst Productinfo

LOCAL® Marktanalyst

Our innovative geomarketing system LOCAL® Marktanalyst offers all the functions it takes to plan, visualise and ultimately achieve your strategic goals. Get the hang of combining external data with your own information and results and display everything on highly informative and clear maps.

business data local topshops

LOCAL® Topshops

Know the factors of your success and utilise location benefits. LOCAL® Topshops enables you to analyse markets comprehensively, assess and evaluate areas and locations more effectively, appraise the competition more accurately and ultimately plan and implement your marketing campaigns more successfully.


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