All success is LOCAL®. Big data in a nutshell

Understanding customers, identifying markets, realising potentials – control of the right data is key to successful management.

Nexiga provides you with highest-quality data, tailored to meet your every individual needs. Profit from our on-demand services and get precise market data and analyses just when you need them. Assess realistically the chances and consequences of your strategic decisions. Minimise your investment risks and make significantly more efficient use of economic potentials.

With Nexiga you have Big Data on your side. And the law, too, of course – always in accordance with EU data protection regulations (GDPR).

Tablet Analysis

Anyone preparing to break into an existing market first ought to acquire more knowledge about the people and corporations in that market, as well as one should know more about prevalent family structures, purchasing power, education and many other factors. Use our market data for your success.

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traffic frequency and pedestrian frequenzy data

Wherever you turn to move your business, there is always a lot that’s already moving: pedestrians, vehicles of all kinds, public transport. Get access to our mobility data and exclusive information on where the action is.

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Reading data is easiest if, thanks to intelligent geocoding, it can be displayed two or three-dimensionally on digital maps. Find your bearings in every market you set sights on.

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Coordinates and Addresses

Addresses are useful to have. However, to know where those addresses are located and what other addresses are close by is even better. All you need to know this is the right coordinates. And these we have for you.

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Company Addresses

Just like any neighbour, businesses should know what’s going on in their neighbourhood. Our company addresses provide you with invaluable information on the assessment of locations, competitors and potentials.

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