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With Nexiga you’ll always find the perfect location

Being where your customers are. Selling your products where there is a buoyant demand for them. Producing your goods and services where logistic conditions, catchment area and labour markets perfectly dovetail with one another.

Finding the right location for your corporate headquarters, your branch offices and retail outlets, or your production facilities is crucial to your company’s success. We’re pleased to assist you in finding this location – with a customised location planning solution.

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Let’s be specific about your success. House-specific.

Our customised location and environment analyses combine all relevant factors and indicators into just one informative report, which, amongst others, contains detailed information on:

  • revenue

  • customer potentials

  • market environment

  • reachability

  • catchment areas

  • prevailing consumption and housing patterns

  • product-specific purchasing power as well as on the locations of the competition.

Carrying out such a detailed and intelligent data analysis enables you to appraise any location absolutely reliably, transparently, comprehensively and most accurately.

  • Given that only a few corners or metres can make a huge difference and decide the question of success or failure of a location, exploring the depth of data available about it is not an option but rather an imperative of successful strategic planning.

To ensure optimal planning of your locations we combine our comprehensive geographic and market data with your individual requirements and the data from your corporate CRM system. This way, our reporting not only provides you with house-specific indicators for any address available, but it also offers great security and the reassuring feeling that for any of your decisions you have a rock-solid basis of information to rely on. And, as a matter of course, all this information is most easily accessible, perfectly clear, immediately intelligible, and even adapted to your corporate design. Just the real and right thing for you!

Carrying out complex location analyses on your own is not a problem. But it isn’t a necessity either…

Find out about commercial rents, traffic routes and reachability, proximity to your customers and competition, infrastructure and many more relevant factors, using our LOCAL® Marktanalyst. Or simply have us do the heavy lifting and carry out the analysis for you.

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