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Data today is more important than ever. And the future clearly belongs to those who are capable of analysing it.

Use Nexiga’s data intelligently and comprehensively to accurately identify your target audiences, locations and potentials. To optimise your campaigns, advertising budgets, sales and logistics to the point. And to know exactly the requirements and wishes of your customers and thus fulfil them as individually as possible.

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Big Data Analytics - Nexiga
Area Planning by Nexiga

Your objectives are clear and well-planned – but how about the best and most efficient ways to achieve them? Learn how to improve the organisation of your distribution and sales areas, to plan routes more efficiently, and how to reach your customers more quickly.

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Nexiga- customer & target group analysis

To turn people into customers you first need to understand them – and ideally all of them. We support you in this endeavour providing intelligent scoring, targeted segmentation and accurate customer analysis.

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better locations for your business

Knowing exactly where you belong – in fact, for companies this is fairly simple: with a detailed location analysis. Analyse the business environment, competitors, infrastructure, the structure of consumers and many other factors and ultimately enhance your knowledge so that it provides a rock-solid basis for your corporate decision-making.

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new markets and expanding successfully

Somewhere people are just now waiting precisely for your products – but where exactly? You’ll definitely find the whereabouts of your customers by enriching geographical factors, industry-specific indicators and competitor data with our market data, and combining the aggregate data into a perfectly reliable market analysis.

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New customers

Actually, you don’t need any new customers. You only need more of your old ones. How that works? Well, by finding out what makes your existing customers tick, what drives them, and, most importantly of course, why at all they are your customers. If you know all this, it’s easy to say where you’ll find more of them.

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